Ceramic Glazed Mermaid Figurine


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Welcome to   Midwest    Ceramics!

We are excited you are here. Proudly made in the USA,
Midwest Ceramics has its own ceramic bisque designs and products are molded to order in Plano, Illinois.

We have kitchenware, cuties, figurines, platters, functional, custom cut-out, personalized and more. Simply click through our pages to find all the fun your painters can create!

Shop Retail  or Wholesale

Midwest Ceramics is a wholesale Ceramic Bisque supplier providing custom made to order pieces for bulk purchase. We do have a Retail Partner however for anyone wishing to simply buy a few pieces for personal use.

No matter which way you buy, shipping is available to all 50 states within the USA once your order is ready.

Pieces can be viewed in our GALLERY. Ordering requires login to Wholesale or connecting to our Retail Partner.

Ceramic Glazed Turtle


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Ceramic Glaze or Acrylic Paint

Our Ceramic Bisque pieces can be finished with either Ceramic Glaze (which requires firing by studio) or Acrylic Paint which is then coated in a clear or antique glaze by the artist.

Scroll through our online GALLERY to see all the options of Ceramic Bisque there are to let your imagination come to life.

Thank you for checking us out!


If you do not see what you want, please contact us and ask.

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